Our Approach

In an industry based on “APPEARANCE” Maijah Lewk strives to maximize each individual actor’s BRAND through great headshots, enhanced skills and professionally recognized training. This is not merely about being good-looking but rather the means to develop and enhance for the simple purpose of STANDING OUT! With a strong mandate for diversity and a fair percentage of development from ground ZERO, coupled with the drive to bring back the human element in the industry. Maijah Lewk stems from the concept of EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT specific to each individual performer.

Working from a MORAL stance and the will to seek INTEGRITY & PROFESSIONALISM. We aim to have the majority ” step out of the box ” and create opportunities that otherwise may not be accessible to the overall majority. Broadening perspectives and solidifying quality over quantity! Trends, demographics and GLOBAL DIVERSITY are changing drastically and we plan to spearhead this movement, while providing viable performers with longevity in all artistic mediums.

Helping the industry to understand and LEWK at more Viable ETHNIC options.